RECEPTEUR SRXL2 Serial DSMX Serial Receiver with Telemetry

Artikelnummer: SKM-SPM4651T

EAN: 0605482427354

Marke/Hersteller: SPEKTRUM

Kategorie: RC-Sender und Empfänger

The SPM4651T DSMX SRXL2 Serial Micro Receiver takes the original SPM4649T receiver and adds more value, functionality, longer control and telemetry link range. The SPM4651T uses our feature-rich SRXL2 protocol to give pilots a blazing fast serial data connection with up to 20 channels. SRXL2 is a powerful and open source communication protocol developed by Spektrum. It greatly improves bi-directional communication between the radio system and flight controller for added telemetry functionality and flight control configuration right from the pilots Spektrum Transmitter*, all over one signal wire.

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The SPM4651T is small, lightweight, and ideal for Heli, Multi-Rotor and FPV Enthusiasts. It also features a simple bind button so pilots no longer need to carry a separate receiver or bind plug to bind. Dual antennas provide receiver diversity for solid signal and the long coax antennas help to provide maximum signal strength in all orientations for challenging installations where carbon fiber, metal and batteries shield the antenna. And with Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz RF protocol the Spektrum SRXL2 Serial Telemetry Receiver provides remarkable range and interference free Performance.


  • SRXL2 Technology
  • Low Noise Amplifier - Helps Reduce Interference and Produce Extended Control Link Range
  • Small, Lightweight and Perfect for Heli, Multi-Rotor and FPV Enthusiasts
  • Wide Voltage Input Range (3.3v -8.4v)
  • Full Range Telemetry
  • Dual Diversity Antennas
  • Bind Button for Easy Binding - No Plug Required

Technische Daten

  • Kanäle: 20
  • Failsafe: Nein
  • Modulation: DSMX
  • Wasserabweisend: Nein
  • Programmierbar: Ja
  • Drehzahlbeschränker: Nein
  • Technologie: Smart Technologie

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