Rakonheli CNC AL Carbon Main Frame Set - Blade mCP S Gold

Artikelnummer: RKH-mCPS452-Y

EAN: 8935241360236

Marke/Hersteller: Rakonheli

Kategorie: RC-Helikopter-Tuning


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- Material: Aluminum alloy, 3K Pure Carbon Fiber, Delrin and TPU.
- Hardware: Steel and Stainless Steel.
- Can setup on the Stock Motor or Brushless Motor Upgrade.
- Can setup with the Stock 2mm or the Upgrade 3mm Tail Boom.
- Designed two anti-rotation guide, one by carbon fiber (use for the stock plastic swashplate) and one by delrin (use for cnc aluminum swashplate).
- Designed the lower frame by aluminum heatsink to support the motor increase efficiency and cooler when working.
- Designed the landing gear mount by TPU to grip the landing gear.
- Optimized for weight and durability.

- Use for Blade mCP S.

- Stock Plastic Frame Set: 3.56(g) = 0.13(oz).
- Rakonheli CNC AL Carbon Main Frame Set: 4.64(g) = 0.16(oz).

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