Microheli Carbon Fiber Main Blades 238mm - BLADE 230S / 230S V2

Artikelnummer: MHP-MH-23V2003

EAN: 8934953015793

Marke/Hersteller: MICROHELI

Kategorie: RC-Modelle > RC-Helikopter > Blade 230 S > Ersatzteile Blade 230 S V2


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Strength and balance are the top design criteria for the Carbon Fiber Main Blades 238mm. The Carbon Fiber Main Blades 238mm are specially designed with full Carbon Fiber, to provide a precisely balanced blade, fast cyclic response, flutter-free, wobble-free and lowest aerodynamic drag. More than that, this new upgraded product is very unique 3D main blades, which is not only crisp for all flying styles but also very snappy. You will have both a smooth flight in 2D, and an awesome flight in 3D. See and feel the difference. Make your main blades stand out from the crowd!

Precisely balanced blade
Fast cyclic response
Lowest aerodynamic drag
Very crisp and snappy handling
High visibility
Unique and stylish full Carbon Fiber material

1 pair Carbon Fiber Main Blade

16g (Single blade)

Use for BLADE 230S / 230S V2

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