CNC Performance Package W/Dragonfly Canopy - BLADE MCPX BL2

Artikelnummer: MHP-MH-MBL2-PPDW

EAN: 8934953017544

Marke/Hersteller: MICROHELI

Kategorie: RC-Modelle > RC-Helikopter > Blade mCP X BL2 > Tuning

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The CNC Performance package is specifically designed with material strength and precise CNC tolerances, to optimize for stability, durability, response and overall performance of the BLADE MCPX BL2 helicopter.

With its stylish look, outstanding features and designs, precision CNC high-performance parts and more, get ready to experience the next level of the CNC BLADE MCPX BL2 Performance package by Microheli.



1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub w/ Button MCPXBL001B
1 x Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip MCPXBL002
1 x Precision CNC Aluminum X Swashplate MCPXBL012X
1 x Precision CNC Hardened Steel Feathering Shaft MCPXBL004
1 x Aluminum/Carbon Fiber/Delrin Main Frame MH-MBL2005
1 x Titanium Main Shaft/CNC Delrin Main Gear/Auto-Rotation Hub Set MH-MBL2067X
1 x Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Landing Gear MH-MBL2006YW
1 x Carbon Tail Boom MH-MBL2025BC
1 x Aluminum Tail Motor Mount MH-MBL2025
1 x Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin set MH-MBL2064VF
1 x Set Plastic Tail Blade
1 x Set Plastic Main Blade
1 x Airbrush Fiberglass Dragonfly Canopy



Read and follow the Assembly Instruction carefully
Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety precaution
Basic hand tools


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