CNC Alu Karbon Hauptrahmen - Blade 230 S / V2 Blau

Artikelnummer: RKH-230S452-B

EAN: 8935241331205

Marke/Hersteller: Rakonheli

Kategorie: RC-Helikopter Ersatzteile, Tuning, Zubehör


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- Designed to support the tail system better and more stronger.
- The maximum external diameter of the outrunner motor that can be installed into: 27mm.
- Motor mount is designed can adjust the gearmesh for better setup between the main gear with the motor. Also can setup 10T, 11T, 12T, 13T pinions with this Frame.
- Material: Aluminum alloy, 3K Pure Carbon Fiber and Delrin. 
- Hardware: Steel and Stainless Steel.
- Compatible and replacement the stock frame.
- Optimized for weight and durability.

- Use for Blade 230 S.

- Stock Plastic Frame Set: 32.00(g) = 1.13(oz). 
- CNC AL and CF Main Frame Set: 38.06(g) = 1.34(oz).

- CNC AL and CF Main Frame (1set).

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