FOXEER SP Racing F3 Race Flight Controller

Artikelnummer: FOX-MR1240

Marke/Hersteller: FOXEER

Kategorie: RC-Modelle > Multikopter > FPV-Racer > Sky-Hero Club Racer > Zubehör

Top Flight-Controller für FPV RaceCopter und 3D

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Der SP Racing F3 Flight-Controller wurde speziell für eine atemberaubende Flying Experience entwickelt . Er liefert alle notwendigen Funktionen für Multicopter (Tricopter bis Octocopter), Flugzeuge, Helikopter und Landgebundene Fahrzeuge. Ob für FPV-Racing, Acrobatic oder auch für Aerial Photographie. Die Konfiguration erfolgt vorzugsweise über "Cleanflight".

- Version: Acro 6DOF(Acro version has no Compass and Barometer Sensors)
- Weight: 7.8g
- Size: 36x36mm board, 30.5 mm mounting holes
- STM32F3 CPU,72Mhz inc FPU
- High-capacity Flash
- MPU6050 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
- MicroUSB socket
- 4 x 4 pin JST-SH Socket (I2C, SWD, 2xuart)
- 2 x 8 pin JST-SH Socket (PPM, PWM, SERIAL RX, GPIO, ADC, 3V, 5V, GND)
- 8 x 3 pin though-holes for pin headers for ESC/Servo connections
- 2 x 4 pin though-holes for the 2x serial ports
- 2 x 2 pin though-holes for battery voltage and buzzer

- No compromise I/O
- Use all the features all the time; e.g. Connect your OSD + SmartPort + SBus + GPS + LED Strip + Battery Monitoring + Sonar + 8 motors - all at the same time!
- On-board high-capacity black box flight log recorder optimizes your tuning and see the results of your setup without guesswork.
- Next-generation STM32 F3 processor with hardware floating point unit for efficient flight calculations and faster ARM-Cortex M4 core.
- Stackable design - perfect for integrating with OSDs and power distribution boards.
- 16 PWM I/O lines for ESCs, Servos and legacy receivers. 8 available on standard pin headers. 8 via side mounted connectors.
- Full support for OneShot ESCs for easy PID tuning and a sharper response.
- SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum1024/2048, XBus, PPM, PWM receivers supported; No external inverters required (built-in).
- Dedicated output for programmable LEDs - great for orientation, racing and night flying.
- Dedicated I2C port for connection of OLED display without needing flight battery.
- Battery monitoring ports for voltage and current.
- Sonar support for precision low-altitude hold.
- Buzzer port for audible warnings and notifications.
- Developer friendly debugging port (SWD) and boot mode selection, unbrickable bootloader.
- Symmetrical design for a super tidy wiring.
- Wire up using pin headers, JST-SH sockets or solder pads. Use either right-angled or straight pin-headers.
- Barometer mounted on the bottom of the board for easy wind isolation.
- Loop times up to ~2x as fast as previous-generation STM32F1 based boards.
- Configuration of the flight controller via a cross-platform GUI (Windows/OSX/Linux).
- A variety of aircraft, tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, planes and more supported

SP Racing F3 Flight Controller
Pin Header

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