HB RACING E8T Evo3 1/8 Competition Electric Truggy

Artikelnummer: HBR-HB204576

EAN: 7630015745769

Marke/Hersteller: HB Racing

Kategorie: RC-Car Ersatzteile, Tuning, Zubehör

New from HB Racing is the E8T Evo3 electric 1/8 truggy. We’ve taken the previous E817T and updated to the latest “E819RS style” drivetrain, front and rear suspension arm mounts and sway bars. Key features include all-new suspension geometry, a new lightweight aluminum chassis, new front and rear aluminum shock towers, new truggy suspension arms, C-hubs, front hubs, and rear hubs. Universal drive shafts are now standard, along with a HB molded nylon wing, longer travel shocks, and a heavy-duty servo saver. The new E8T Evo3 follows the HB Racing concept... constant evolution to stay at the front of the pack.

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The E8T Evo3 is built around a tough 7075 aircraft aluminum chassis that’s black anodized and strategically machined to decrease weight and balance the flex characteristics. New larger diameter heavy duty aluminum chassis rods and an aluminum center brace combine for increased chassis stiffness. Standard equipment includes the race-proven HB 4WD system with high strength steel center drive shafts, high efficiency universal joints, 43/10 differentials with tough sintered gears, precision machined steel input gears, and a heavy duty spur gear. A CNC milled dual clamp aluminum motor mount keeps the motor securely in place, and allows motor changes without having to readjust the gear mesh. New tor the E8T Evo3 is extra room for the longer truggy motors. To decrease drivetrain rotating weight the steel spur gear is lightened, as are the diff outdrives and center inputs.

The E8T Evo3 has a fully adjustable battery mounting system that can handle a wide variety of battery configurations. When using Shorty packs, multiple mounting points allow you to easily move the weight bias fore/aft to help tune the balance of the car. A lightweight carbon fiber plate and fiber reinforced mounting blocks allow quick access for battery changes. The batteries are held in place securely, and mounted directly on the chassis for the lowest CG possible.

The E8T Evo3 suspension features new truggy suspension arms that allow fine tuning of the stiffness of the front and rear arms to suit track conditions and driving styles. Racers can adjust the grip and feeling of the arms using optional stiff arms and carbon plates to increase the torsional stiffness of the suspension arms, which gives the car a more forgiving feeling at the limit, especially on high-speed and high-traction corners. The new truggy suspension arms allow racers to use the same suspension arm blocks found on our 1/8 buggies.

All-new suspension geometry includes new hard anodized machined aluminum 12.5° front caster blocks, and new front & rear hubs with improved geometry, front and rear machined hard anodized aluminum shock towers, front and rear “E819RS style” sway bars with 1-piece links, and hinge pin inserts for easy toe and anti-squat settings. To soak up the bumps, longer stroke HB Racing big bore threaded coilover shock absorbers are standard equipment. The shocks are now secured with screw-type shock pins with standard & reverse threads to prevent loosening, and are color coded for easy identification.

The E8T Evo3 steering system is built for durability and easy adjustment. A heavy-duty servo saver has been added, utilizing a stronger spring and matching clamping servo upper adjustment cap. Also included are steel turnbuckles, aluminum drag link, highly adjustable Ackerman geometry using steering knuckle plates, and CNC machined hard anodized aluminum steering blocks that are fitted with carbon fiber steering arms, which can be swapped for a range of option arms to adjust the Ackerman for pinpoint steering.

At the rear is our durable high downforce HB molded nylon rear wing. A one-piece high wing mount puts the wing in less turbulent air flow which helps produce more downforce. A new aluminum rear shock tower allows racers to adjust the wing height and body mount height. The E8T Evo3 is supplied with no body so racers can choose their favorite Shell.


  • NEW All-new suspension geometry
  • NEW Hard anodized aluminum front & rear shock towers
  • NEW Truggy suspension arms
  • NEW Universal drive shafts
  • NEW 12.5 degree caster blocks
  • NEW Aluminum front and rear hubs
  • NEW Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • NEW 4-dot B-mount
  • NEW E819RS style sway bars with 1-piece links
  • NEW Long stroke big bore threaded coilover shocks
  • NEW Heavy duty chassis rods
  • Heavy duty spur gear
  • 43/10 front & rear differentials
  • Screw-type shock pins
  • Heavy duty servo saver spring
  • Dual clamp aluminum motor mount
  • Low CG fully adjustable battery mounting system Accepts 4s packs, 2x2s, and 2x2s 'shorty' packs Aluminum center chassis brace
  • Graphite rear hub carrier plates
  • Molded nylon rear wing
  • Front linkage geometry spacers
  • Fine adjustment aluminum D-Mount
  • Aluminum servo saver arm
  • One-piece lightweight wing mount
  • Graphite steering arms
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • Threaded outer hinge pins
  • Stand-up servo mounting
  • Split center bulkhead
  • Lightweight diff outdrives and center inputs
  • Lightweight front aluminum axles

The E8T Evo3 accepts standard 1/8 truggy body shells, wheels and tires, motors, batteries, and radio equipment.

Optional arm mounts, stiffer suspension arms, steering blocks, caster blocks, steering arms, rear hub carrier arms, sway bars, and shock springs are available to tune the E8T Evo3 to any track or driving style. Many of the spare parts and option parts are shared with our 1/8 nitro and electric buggies, so they're readily available at hobby shops around the world.

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