Antenne TBS Triumph Pro RHCP (SMA) Long Range

Artikelnummer: TBS-TTPLL

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Marke/Hersteller: TEAM BLACKSHEEP

Kategorie: FPV-Zubehör


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The next revolution in circular polarization technology, the Triumph Pro gives professional performance in a compact, durable package. Don’t let the small size fool you, the Triumph Pro doesn’t compromise on performance. Designed by IBCrazy and manufactured by TBS, the multi-phase elements use patent pending technology to create a precise circular pattern that is not distorted by proximity to your aircraft or other objects.

The microstrip antenna design together with a rigid and ultrasonic-welded enclosure allow mounting in exposed places, where signal propagates better. The antenna comes in 4 connector flavors: u.FL, MMCX, MMCX 90º and SMA.

- Manufactured and tested to highest standards
- Best in class range and signal quality
- Incredibly small and low weight
- Ultrasonic welded and foam infused cover for ultimate crash-protection
- Double-jacket semi-rigid cable for heavy impact resistance

- Frequency range: 5500-6000MHz
- Polarization: RHCP
- Gain: 1.6dbic
- Axial Ratio: 0.99
- Weight: 6.6g
- Height: 130 mm
- Connector: SMA

1x TBS Triumph Pro SMA - Long Range

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Antenne TBS Triumph Pro RHCP (SMA) Long Range
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