Brushless Motor Performa P1 1:8 Radical 1900KV 2-6S

Artikelnummer: PER-PA9342

EAN: 7630015793425

Marke/Hersteller: PERFORMA Racing

Kategorie: Elektromotoren


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Performa Radical 1/8 motors feature the brand new Radical Sensor System for superior drivability and extreme power. The Radical Sensor System is composed of a separate magnetic ring featuring 4 magnets for sending precise and accurate rotor location to the controller. It also protects the sensor system from being disturbed by inappropriate signals.
Performa Radical motors deliver reliable on-track operation and provide a new dimension in 1/8 Racing. Compatible with all controllers. Suitable for 1/8 buggies, SCT and on-road cars.


  • Performa Radical Sensor System to reduce sensor interference and improve feeling
  • World Championship winning motor technology
  • Performa Radical Housing - Machined aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • 100% sensored mode with advanced technology
  • Optimized Hall Sensor System with fail-safe protection to reduce cogging
  • Double insulated high temperature winding wires
  • High quality Japanese competition bearings
  • High-intensity adhesive for optimal winding wire binding to reduce vibration and lower operational temperatures
  • 4 pole NdFeB magnets, EH temp resistant up to 210C, with fiberglass vibration protection
  • Dual sensor wire port with housing dust covers
  • Alloy double anodized multi-color lightweight case with optimized airflow
  • Low resistance - Heavy copper soldering tabs for higher power
  • Japan high quality silicon steel stator
  • Precision dynamically balanced rotor
  • Meets all IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR specs for “690” style motors
  • Compatible with all ESCs on the market
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Optional magnets and tuning parts available



  • Anwendung: Auto 1/8
  • Drehzahl: 14800tr/min
  • Durchmesser: 43mm
  • EAN Code: 7630015793425
  • Gewicht: 396g
  • Hersteller: Performa Racing
  • Lagerung: Kugellager
  • Länge: 69mm
  • Timing: Einstellbar
  • Typ: Brushless Sensor
  • U/Min Volt (KV): 1900KV
  • Wellen-Durchmesser: 5.0mm
  • Wellen-Länge: 19mm
  • Zellen: 2-6S

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Brushless Motor Performa P1 1:8 Radical 1900KV 2-6S
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